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FAQ - Comp Fair

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Programming for Middle School says it has be to a mobile app.  What about an app that can be opened in a website on any device?

    A: The app must be an app – something that could be purchased on iTunes or on Google Play Store.

2.) Where is the line between digital video and animation?  Does an animation have to be 100% still images that are put together?

    A: Typically an animation is mostly still images; however, for the regional competition, if the judges feel that the project is in the wrong category they will say something.

3.) So many website design tools are not coding based, are the judges more likely favor a website that is made with html coding or tools like,, or Google Sites?

    A: If you look at the rubric for Web Page Design it doesn’t give any extra points for web pages that are coding based.  However, the judges at the state competition, when determining placing the top web pages, discussed how the students created their sites.  Technical knowledge required to design the website weighs in on the final decisions. 

4.) I was discouraging my students interested in making a logo from using any outside images (like pictures of PA state border or Keystone) even if they are public domain.  Are public domain images even allowed in your logo for the competition?

    A: Public domain images are allowed, but should be discouraged.  Typically those types of logos don’t make it far.