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Lesson one

Begin planning your narrative story.  Create a Google Doc and share it with Mr. Capretto.  Requirements of the Pre-Writing Document:
    Sequence of Events: In a 1500-word story you need to be very selective about the sequence of events.  Too many events and your story will read like a grocery list.  The fewer the number of events the more descriptive you can be about each event.  Feel free to use an outline or a web (google docs have a great drawing feature).
    Characters: 1-5 characters are reasonable to include in a short story.  There can be other people, who are mostly names.  Ask and answer at least 20 questions about your main character.  Suggestions: 
        1. What is his/her deepest secret?
        2. What is his/her biggest fear?
        3. What does he/she want more than anything in the world?
        4. What is his/her pet peeve?
        5. What is his/her biggest fault? (everyone has faults)
        6. More Questions
    The main conflict: Any good story has conflict, as Kurt Vonnegut said, "No matter how sweet and innocent your leading characters are, make awful things happen to them-in order that the reader may see what they are made of."
    Take-Away Message/Theme (optional): Many stories are about more than just the plot; they invite the reader to consider greater ideas like justice, individuality, social change, forgiveness, etc.   Consider making a greater purpose to your narrative. 
    The Rest: Where, when, and other details.


Future Problem Solving Scenario Writing

If you are interested in submitting your writing piece to a contest, please consider the Future Problem Solving Scenario Writing.  The full description is in the link below.  Basically you are taking one of five FPS topics and developing a story about what the future may look like.

Scenario Writing Details