24 Challenge
What is it?
Students must add, subtract, multiply and divide four numbers to arrive at a solution of 24.  Students first compete in the classroom, then a school wide competition, and finally against students from other schools.
Classroom competitions take place in December.  The school wide competition is typically at the beginning of May.  Students compete against others school near the end of May.  Last year a state tournament was introduced that took place in June.
Check out Amazon for practice cards.  There are a variety of different types of cards: Single Digits, Double Digits, Integers, Fractions & Decimals, Exponents, Algebra, and Variables.
Official Website:
America Bowl
What is it?
Students compete against other schools in several events of American History trivia.  
When & Where?
Sometime between March and May at Baldwin-Whitehall High School.

Praise for America Bowl: Baldwin Patch and Tribune Review
Digital Video: Butcher's Woods
by Zane, Bret, and Tommy
Digital Video: Greenman's Curse
by Dani, Sean, and Claire
Digital Video: EZ Hug
by Nico and Sean