Fluid Power Challenge

Fluid Power Challenge 2016
by Abby, Kelsey, Taylor, and Molly

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About the Competition

The Fluid Power Challenge (FPC) begins with Workshop day, where teams will visit the Carpenter's Union to learn about this year's challenge and practice some of the skills that will help them complete the challenge.  Students will be given strips of wood, a saw, goggles, wood glue, dowel rods, card stock paper, a hand drill, plastic syringes, and plastic tubing.  By connecting two syringes with plastic tubing, students can create a hydraulic powered machine.  Students will be given 6 weeks after the Workshop day to design, build, test, and make blue prints for their design.  On Competition day, without adult assistance, students will use their plans to build their machine from scratch in about 2 hours.  

2016 Problem Scenario